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The Unlimited had its humble beginnings in creating and marketing products made from moose nuggets.  Each item was developed for its uniqueness and charm.  We pride ourselves in keeping these products “Made in Alaska” by Alaskans.

As we grew, so did our customers’ requests for more products that were competitive and unique.  To meet these standards, we’ve developed several new lines and continually growing lines.

Alaska Hat & Apparel™ and AlaskaGear® are premier lines of hats and apparel.  Customer input is one of our most valuable assets in developing these lines.  AlaskaGear™ sunglasses and Alaska's Best Ulus™ are now available.  Other accessories are coming soon!

We take pride in providing our customers with USA MADE products when available. 

The Unlimited is proud of our ‘signature’ items.  If you see an artist’s signature, you can be assured that we are not only giving the artist credit for permission to use his/her work, but they are also receiving compensation for their art.  Look for them on numerous items.

We are also very proud of our custom label program.  We cater to our customers’ desire to have their own label in their hat and apparel items ordered from us.  We feature DenaliGear™, Denali Mountain Gear™, and NorthPoleGear™ on many items in our apparel line exclusively for our customers.  Join our program today!

Thank you for the opportunity to share profitable products and designs with you.  These products and designs are the copyrighted, trademarked, trade dress designs of THE Unlimited/Alaska Hat & Apparel and Alaska’s Best Coffee/Great Alaska Coffee Company.  All Rights Reserved.

Call, fax or email your orders.  Phone numbers are 907-746-7925 or 907-841-6613 (cell).  The fax number is 907-746-0780.  Emails can be sent to  Our website is updated regularly as we add new items.  However, you can always email or call for the wholesale pricing.  Please contact us for our wholesale pricing, sales and delivery. Our web address is parked at the website.  Please call or email for our wholesale pricing and ordering.